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Many travelers – especially Asian travelers – arrive in Pai suffering from motion sickness . A simple remedy – chew fresh ginger along the way; if you are already suffering – order some Tom Yum Goong Soup!

Amphoe Pai is a small district in Mae Hong Son province. Located 50km north-west of Chiang Mai as the crow flies. The road winds through mountainous bends for about 140km, meaning about a 3.5 hour bus ride. From Mae Hong Son City the 125km ride takes about 3 hours. Both are very scenic routes.
Pai is well known for its beauty and for the cohabitation of various hill-tribes and travelers of all origins. A favorite among both local and expatriate residents for its cool climate and easy going lifestyle, Pai has become a must see destination for visitors to the North of Thailand.

Once a quiet market village inhabited by Shan people — ethnic Thai whose culture is influenced by Burma/Myanmar; but nowadays Pai primarily thrives on tourism.
Well known among backpackers for its relaxed atmosphere, the town is full of cheap guest houses, souvenir shops and restaurants. In the proximity of the town are spas and elephant camps. Further outside of town, there are several waterfalls and a number of natural hot springs varying in temperature from 35 to 200 degrees Celsius. Some resorts tap the hot springs and feed hot water into private bungalows and public pools. The whole of Mae Hee village profits from free hot water.
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